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First I want to say, that there are enough things, that should be unspoken - pro and private things. Because from time to time to hold the own lips is a good idea. I learned this here very early and appreciate it very much.

But there are two or three points about that I want to talk.

The daily work:
At first there is, of course, my work at Bertrandt and their customers. Because here - in Munich - is a very friendly, fair, relaxed and a down-to-earth spirit, that makes the daily work very, very easy for me, and much fun, too. So, it is not a very big problem for me, when it is necessarily, to stay longer "locally" at the customer (8.00 oder 9.00 pm, also on fridays and saturdays) and sometime to risk a little bit.

And it was already one of my "old" goals - to see other countries and persons, that can help to remove more and more the barrier of the own small horizon. There are so many nice and beautiful things out there that could be find. But as a "Not-working-poor-student" that was uptonow impossible to do.

I don't talk about more details - I don't do things like this. Because for me arrangements and/or secrecy agreements apply whether verbal or written - whatever.

But I can show you very quickly a short, official"To-think-about". That "can" be the direction, or not. Just click here (12.04) - sorry, it's in German.

Exactly like the other topics it is also difficult to speak about this openly. And as I signed some NDA's and send them in I can't do this. NDA by the way means "Non-Discussion-Agreement" - in my own words I would say "Don't talk about nothing or you have a big problem".

The fun thing for me with the testing is, to use new things. Nothing is better and is a little confirmation, doing the right things, when at least everything is working as excepted, planned and hoped. The main point for me is the challenge. That's why I am trying to increase my own experiences in so many fields as possible, e.g. software, hardware, computer sciences, automotive, music, video, marketing, economy, team work, fairness, etc... Because each experience is supporting the "Optimising" of my own "profil" - professional and personally.

New ideas:
That's the most critical topic ever to talk about in the public. Because it became usual unfortunately nowadays (and this apparent seems to accept also everyone), to copy good and successful things merciless. Therefore it is very important regarding new ideas, which are still in the developing process, to deal very carefully and prudently with them. If not then the chance for these ideas are very small. Here only this: As for the mechatronics it must be the goal to combinate (meaningfully) the most different "things". And in such a way, at least there are beautful new solutions. Just be better than the competition.

Other things:
Concering this I can talk a little bit more. Of course not about current projects - don't speak about "unoccupred eggs" is a must-have. For me it is very much fun to help with the development of software products and then to adapt these also for the german market. Naturally the emphasis is thereby in the case of the Human interface - information in addition here and here - and the german software translation. My focus particularly is thereby on Freeware and Shareware products, since I regard this as a kind of hobby and therefore to non-profit work.

About a copy of the respective product I don't be really angry - of course, when my part of the work is done ;-}

In addition I create also from time to time homepages. So simply as it only be. Because it is the content that counts and not the whole "Bling-Bling" around it. An example for it is here. If interest should exist, simply send me a short email or use the contact form. All further things could then be discussed, also if necessary in a personal talk eye in eye. I am ready for unusal tasks or things to go everywhere.

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